New Amazing Black Paint for Metal STEEL-IT®

STEEL-IT new black paint products in cansIn addition to its familiar shades of industrial gray, STEEL-IT® – the #1 toughest protective paint for metal – is now also available in black. No small thing, it took us years of chemical experimentation and testing to add black to our limited color choices without compromising the paint’s exceptional durability and adhesion. In black as in gray, STEEL-IT lasts 10+ years in most environments, prolonging the life of metal surfaces, machinery, service structures, and metallic architectural designs. 

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Black STEEL-IT: A New Success Story

A fresh coat of black STEEL-IT on structural steelWhy was it so hard to make STEEL-IT black, and why did it take so long? Because it is lab-engineered to be enriched to maximum saturation with our proprietary, microscopic, custom-manufactured flakes of 316L stainless steel, which are optimized to combine and bond extremely hard on application, forming a thin sheet of protective armor over the metal surface. The partially overlapping alignment of these micro-flakes ensures that the paint grips the prepared surface hard and effectively blocks rust, chemical corrosion, and mechanical and UV wear. We have experimented with all kinds of pigments over the years, but they mostly failed because they significantly weakened the microstructure of STEEL-IT’s fortifying agent, reducing its desirable properties. By contrast, our new black STEEL-IT #1012 polyurethane paint for metal has proven a great success and has now been extensively field-tested. We are proud to have been able to combine the product’s distinctive microstructure with a glorious black pigment while retaining 100% of its famous protective qualities as well as its unique weldability. Looking great in black, STEEL-IT is still 50% high-grade, low carbon stainless steel on drying. It prevents chemical and UV corrosion, mechanical wear, and other damage just as reliably as the longer-established STEEL-IT products. Buy black STEEL-IT® now!

Various industrial applications of black STEEL-IT

The smooth-yet-rugged look and feel of STEEL-IT and its imperviousness to the effects of any climate or weather have made it a popular specialty architectural coating, while its indifference to desert sand and off-road racing stress make it an indispensable auto parts paint for motorsports. Moreover, STEEL-IT is USDA-approved as safe for incidental contact with food, which makes it a standard coating for food manufacturing equipment and components.

A metal component before and after black STEEL-IT application

It is amazing what a world of difference STEEL-IT can make to a component. So, what are those metal surfaces that you are looking to put a beautiful, tough coat of black on? Discuss your industrial coating needs with us via the contact form; or go ahead and buy black STEEL-IT® now!

More applications of black STEEL-IT metals