Industrial Gray Paint for Metal: STEEL-IT®

STEEL-IT gray polyurethane paint in cansSTEEL-IT® is the #1 most durable gray paint for metal (and other sandblast-friendly surfaces). This one-of-a-kind heavy-duty protective finish preserves and enhances the external and internal surfaces of various equipment, machinery, tools, components, and structures. STEEL-IT blocks corrosion, wear, abrasion, and UV damage. Weldable, consisting 50% of real 316L stainless steel on completed application, and lasting 10+ years in all climates and in most environments, STEEL-IT expresses the rugged-yet-smooth aesthetics of grayish, nonglossy, industrial stainless steel. Check out our paint selector; request a free sample; find a distributor; or query us via the contact form on this page.

Why Just Two Shades of Gray?

Various surfaces coated with STEEL-IT in two shades of grayThe adhesive and enduring strength of STEEL-IT depends on the chemical microstructure created by its unique toughening agent. STEEL-IT is massively fortified with our proprietary, lab-developed and custom-manufactured 316L stainless steel micro-flakes, which are self-aligning and bond extremely hard on application, forming a thin protective armor over the coated metal. Sadly, this essential ingredient does not combine easily with pigments without losing some of its toughness. Therefore, because of our requirements of extreme durability and resistance – which are what sets us apart from our competition – STEEL-IT cannot be made available in many colors. There are no “50 shades of gray” here, not even five, but two! Our polyurethane and epoxy paint systems offer two darkish gray colors visually suggestive of raw or burnished stainless steel. Additionally, our high solids epoxy has a somewhat lighter, silvery steel color. The look-and-feel of STEEL-IT is industrial, nonglossy, low glare, either “satin” or smooth. The products have somewhat different chemical, mechanical, temperature and UV resistance profiles.

Start by using out paint selector to zero in on out gray metallic paint product that best answers your technical requirements. (Note that as of 2019, STEEL-IT is also available as a black paint.) Request a free sample; find a distributor; or message us via the contact form with any questions.

The Many faces of Gray: Industrial Uses of STEEL-IT

A one-of-a-kind heavy-duty protective finish that improves the utility of industrial and commercial metal surfaces and measurably increases their service life, STEEL-IT has become indispensable in the architectural, motorsports, food processing, construction, fabrication, and manufacturing industries.

Thanks to its peculiar expressive beauty, and because its protective integrity is never challenged even by the harshest climates and landscapes – whether humid or dry, hot or cold, tropical or arctic, maritime or wind-blown – STEEL-IT gray paint has become popular with architects, who tell us it is the coating that singularly expresses the true visual character of stainless steel.

Gray STEEL-IT paint on architectural features

In the late the 2010s, STEEL-IT was first discovered by motorsports professionals. Motorsports applications were pioneered by off-road drivers in search of specialty coatings able to withstand racing stress. STEEL-IT protects any auto parts against stressed, abrasive or corrosive environments, such as racing conditions, desert sand, hail, and de-icing salts and brines used on roads in wintertime. The gray paint looks and works great on body, chassis, rotors, brake calipers, hubcaps, and any parts that require reliable protection.

Automotive gray paint on auto parts

STEEL-IT offers the happiest combination of sober, industrial grayness and extreme protective durability. All its available color choices are emblematic of the nature of STEEL-IT as a stout “armor” for your metallic assets. Shielding them against harm, STEEL-IT protects your investment.

Miscellaneous uses of gray STEEL-IT

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Yet more uses of gray STEEL-IT

Review the photos carefully for various examples of gray STEEL-IT in application and in action. If your business has a shipping address in the US, request a free STEEL-IT sample today!