STEEL-IT® Food-Safe Approved Paint for Metal(+)

Industry Standard Anticorrosion Paint for Food Equipment

STEEL-IT Superior Corrosion Protection for Food Processing Surfaces and EquipmentAvailable worldwide, STEEL-IT® heavy-duty anticorrosive protective paints and coatings for machinery and equipment have become standard and ubiquitous in the food industry. Please send us a message now via the contact form to find out which of our products works best for your particular need or type of equipment!. Get a free sample; select your paint; locate a distributor; or message us for information.

STEEL-IT® is approved in the US (by the US Department of Agriculture) and internationally as safe for incidental food contact. (This means that STEEL-IT® works on the outside of the machines and on any internal parts that do not come into prolonged contact with food.) These tough, nearly permanent coatings are preferred the world over for use in food environments due to their proven corrosion and heat resistance, durability, and food-safety.

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Of a sober color, STEEL-IT®paint is formulated with specially engineered 316L stainless steel micro-flake to last long and to provide an outstandingpreventive finish. When applied to ferrous and nonferrous metallic surfaces (as well as other hard nonporous surfaces such as wood or plastic), the paint holds firm against most types of corrosion and rust, as well as hard washing, detergents, food acids, alkali, chemical agents, and mechanical. STEEL-IT® coatings offer state-of-the-art chip and abrasion resistance.

All of our coatings are non-toxic and can be used on food equipment. Moreover, one of them – a low-VOC, high-solids epoxy paint – recognized as “ecological” and environmentally safe. It has VOC levels far below the officially legislated norms. This product is approved for use even is such an environmentally strict region as the State of California.

Our 40+ year history of serving the food industry means that you can count on us for safety, ease-of-use, in-house expert guidance, and the best overall protection for your machinery and surfaces. This explains why STEEL-IT®has become the leading coating in food processing, culinary, refrigeration, food packaging, distribution, and food provider industries.

Leading food and beverage companies specify STEEL-IT® to protect their equipment because our paint

  • Maximizes equipment life, even under harsh conditions
  • Is faster than other heavy duty corrosion-resistant coatings and enamels to apply and to cure
  • Lasts longer, typically 5+ years in most environments.

Selected types of food processing equipment on which STEEL-IT® has been successfully (as an external application) used include:

  • General alimentary equipment and installations
  • Commercial dishwashers, warewashing machines
  • Warmers, cookers, heating tunnels, water heaters
  • Grills, fryers, broilers, depositors, separators, dryers
  • Cooking equipment parts and accessories
  • Stover, oven, vats, fermentation tanks
  • Mixers, blenders, pasteurizers, aerators, emulsifiers
  • Refrigerators, coolers, freezers, cold stores, chillers
  • Evaporators, extractors, extruding machines
  • Oil and chocolate production lines
  • Mills, cutters, crushers, slicers and dicers
  • Utility sinks, service sinks, plumbing
  • Lifts, scales, tanks, conveyors, transporters

The list goes on and on. Please contact us today to receive a prompt quote or find our how STEEL-IT® can solve your equipment protection challenge!

Get a free sample; select your paint; locate a distributor; or message us for information.