"When you want to WIN, you have to have the best truck, mechanic and parts. That’s why we use STEEL-IT coatings."

Jeff Geiser, Design and Development Team



"Racing the Baja 1000 can take its toll on our race equipment. That’s why Team Honda chooses to coat and protect all bare steel parts with STEEL-IT: The chassis, front arms, rear arms, tie rods, four links, etc. Any part of the truck that may rust is coated with STEEL-IT. Put simply, STEEL-IT saves us money in labor to clean and scrub off the chassis after every race as well as saving us time to clean up and begin preparing for our next race. We wouldn’t race in Mexico without all bare steel parts coated with STEEL-IT. It is common for teams to powder coat their chassis, however powder coating can hide micro cracks at key points in the chassis, stress fractures may go undiscovered an cause a failure or serious injury.

Additionally, if we have to make a field repair, our team would have to remove the powder coating first. With STEEL-IT our team can make field repairs easily since we can see the cracks through the STEEL-IT coating and then weld directly over the coating. STEEL-IT also makes it easy to touch up and front arms and areas of the chassis that might get sandblasted or rock-chipped during a race. STEEL-IT ensures that we fulfill our Ultimate Fabrication, Inc. responsibility to properly represent American Honda."

Jeff Proctor, Principal, Team Honda Off Road

GCH International


“I am writing today to compliment your company on the STEEL-IT Epoxy System. As an OEM, we have used these products on multiple projects with great results for our company as well as with our customers. We now use STEEL-IT as our standard offering with the hopes of giving GCH a leg up on our competitors using an inferior coating. Our customers wash down our equipment regularly, and the STEEL-IT Epoxy withstands this rigorous cleaning and performs beautifully. I would recommend this product without hesitation.” 

George O’Daniel, GCH International, Custom Sheet-Metal Fabrication & Industrial Systems Manufacturer



“I’m in the process of restoring a 1985 Chevy square body. I applied the STEEL-IT Coating on a stronger axle that I swapped in place of the 10 bolt factory rear end and am amazed at how great the welds turned out (I’m a novice welder at best) without needing to put a grinder wheel to the area the brackets were mounted. STEEL-IT definitely has a new brand ambassador and customer for life!”

Andy In Texas

Ultimate Fabrication, Inc.


"In industrial refrigeration applications where our equipment faces temperature cycling ranging from 280°F down to -20°F we haven’t found a better coating system than STEEL-IT. Other oil-based paints last for maybe 6 months compared to STEEL-IT, which lasts at least 5 years before needing touch-up... The moisture breaks down other paints we’ve tried causing them to flake off. That just doesn’t happen with STEEL-IT. STEEL-IT adheres."

Ultimate Fabrication, Inc.



STEEL-IT... Where do I start!? I'm known for thrashing everything on a regular. The durability and when it comes to touch up with the aerosols, it blends so well and coverage is amazing. Best part is having the capabilities to weld over it on the fly in a critical situation. My class 11 stock stock bug can attest to that and is coated from the pan, cage, beam, arms, up to the shell from the ground up. For those in abusive environments STEEL-IT is the elite choice for coatings!

Blake Wilkey, Man of many skills & Influencer

LaFortune Race Cars


"We did the whole Honda with STEEL-IT. I had heard about STEEL-IT used in marine applications and wanted to try it. It has performed beyond our expectations; we really like the stuff. Because the stainless flakes are conductive, you can weld directly over it. Unlike powder coating, it is easy to see hairline fractures when they are small and repair them quickly. It’s easy to touch up areas after making repairs; it sprays on nicely with a medium thick coat that does not run like spray paint. After racing the Baja 500 and the Baja 1000, the parts we coated with STEEL-IT still looked like new. The Ridgeline was a ground up build, but we do all types of fabrication at LaFortune Race Cars. Many times, our customers have us build their vehicles in stages. STEEL-IT allows you to pick up right where you left off without having to grind paint or remove rust. We tig weld most of our work so it’s critical to have good surfaces to work with. When we weld over STEEL-IT, the welds are clean and strong."

Jason LaFortune, Race Car Builder



"STEEL-IT Coating the Baja 911 Porsche chassis after media blasting provided me the ability to continually modify, fabricate and weld directly on the to the steel chassis with out having to sand and grind away the corrosion protection. This kept the chassis clean and protected from month to month without having to constantly fight flash rusting from exposed metal. When it came time for its final assembly I sprayed the cage work and modified areas one last time. No need for powercoating or custom painting the interior or cage work. The STEEL-IT was polished and buffed to a hardened shine on all the areas that I wanted a more finished look. I couldn't be happier with the outcome."

TJ Russell / Owner & Builder

Bevly Wilson Racing


"In off-road races, prep time is of the essence. After each race, our trophy trucks are brought back to the shop, and completely stripped, inspected, rebuilt, and turned back into the showpieces the fans like to see at the start of every race. We need something to protect all of the parts that we disassemble and reassemble after each race to keep them looking great, and it’s critical that we achieve this quickly. Not only does STEEL-IT allow us to take a clean, inspected chromoly component and give it a stainless steel coating to prevent rust and corrosion, but we’re able to weld through STEEL-IT in the field during an emergency repair. Depending upon the terrain and the amount of abuse the parts see during each race, we can easily repaint or touch up as necessary during prep. By coating parts with STEEL-IT, we save countless hours of having to scrub off rust and dirt. Also between races, STEEL-IT makes cleanup very easy since it withstands pressure washing and degreasing without chipping or flaking

We used to powder coat parts and chassis. Without a doubt they look great initially, but once out in the desert, they soon look abused and are very hard to maintain when repairs are needed. Coating parts with STEEL-IT, however, makes it easy to see cracks so we can quickly identify where repairs are needed and then use STEEL-IT’s handy aerosol for fast touchup. On top of that, STEEL-IT is less expensive than powder coating.

We therefore strongly recommend using STEEL-IT instead of powder coating parts. STEEL-IT easily handles the abuse we put these trucks through each time we’re out on the race course."

Chase Laven, Manager and Co-Driver



"Just wanted to drop you a note on your STEEL-IT product. I received my free sample after it was advertised on an off-road motorsports program a few months ago. Just started using the sample on some small applications, I do vintage motocross bike restoration and have been since late 70's. I will have to say for the small amount I have tried this product has fantastic coverage and looks wonderful, very surprised. Thank you.”

Roger In Michigan