The #1 Weldable Paint for Metal

Weldable paint STEEL-ITSTEEL-IT®, the word’s #1 most durable coating paint for metal, is weldable. Fortified with unique, lab-engineered 316L stainless steel micro-flakes, STEEL-IT is 50% real stainless steel on drying. It lasts 10+ years in most industrial contexts, blocking corrosion, mechanical wear, and other damage. The weldability of STEEL-IT extents the brand’s celebrated range of benefits. Watch the video for a quick demo; shop weldable STEEL-IT polyurethane;  get a free sample; or get in touch to request more information!

Watch Video: Ryan Ottersberg (@factory_elite_racing) Demos STEEL-IT’s Weldability

Uniquely, you can just weld through STEEL-IT. Then clean off and recoat the affected area with STEEL-IT’s handy aerosol, to further strengthen the weld with a hard and enduring protective finish.

“STEEL-IT welds are clean and strong!” (Jason LaFortune, Client)

STEEL-IT for WeldingWelding aims to create strong, crack-free joints that can bear stress unharmed. The American Welding Society provides the following working definition of weldability: “The capacity of a metal to be welded under the fabrication conditions imposed into a specific, suitably designed structure and to perform satisfactorily in the intended service.” Available in shades of gray and in black, STEEL-IT exhibits superior weldability compared to any regular metallic paints as well as to all other available stainless-steel paint brands, and it has been field-tested to satisfaction.

Originally tested with extreme rigor in off-road racing and now gaining countless new applications across industries, STEEL-IT is no wannabe “weldable primer” bs. It boasts proven outstanding performance, thanks to the self-aligning, tightly bonding behavior of the stainless steel micro-flakes that compose the STEEL-IT’s proprietary toughening agent. Jason LaFortune, celebrity race car builder, explains: “STEEL-IT has performed beyond our expectations; we really like the stuff. Because the stainless flakes are conductive, you can weld directly over it… We TIG weld most of our work so it’s critical to have good surfaces to work with. When we weld over STEEL-IT, the welds are clean and strong!”

Watch Jerry Zaiden, co-founder of Camburg Engineering Inc., weld on a chassis with STEEL-IT.

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