STEEL-IT® Protective Industrial Paint Coatings

STEEL-IT® Protective Industrial Paint Coatings


In business since 1974, STEEL-IT® brand coatings from Stainless Steel Coatings Inc., which are applied just like paint, contain custom-engineered 316L stainless steel flake for superior protection against corrosion, abrasion, and harsh chemicals. Although the individual flakes are indiscernible to the naked eye, under a microscope, STEEL-IT coatings show a neat horizontal layered alignment of tightly overlapping, pure 316L flakes that form a metallic barrier film near the coating’s surface. This makes the film nearly impervious to corrosion and corrosive elements. Get a free sample; select your paint; locate a distributor; or message us for information. 


STEEL-IT is available in various formulations including a one-component, air-dry polyurethane system (i.e., primer and topcoat); a two-component epoxy system; a two-component, high solids epoxy system; and a high temperature coating. Please use the quick contact form to the right to let us know your needs, so we may guide you in selecting the most appropriate product.


STEEL-IT coatings are not shiny or glossy like a stainless steel sheet. Rather, they have a satin, matte metallic finish whose appearance is darker and closer to the look of raw or burnished stainless steel. Update 2019: In addition to its standard shades of industrial gray, STEEL-IT is now available as a polyurethane black paint!


Food Processing Equipment

STEEL-IT coatings have been a decades-long favorite in the worldwide, food processing equipment industry due to their rugged performance, ability to withstand high-pressure washdowns and harsh detergents, and USDA approval for incidental food contact.


Architects prize STEEL-IT for its aesthetic appeal as much as for its durable finish. Used extensively on structural steel beams, stairways, doors, window mullions and other architectural elements, STEEL-IT adds not just protection but beauty where we live and work.


Like architects, auto enthusiasts and commercial vehicle owners love STEEL-IT for its dependable performance and hip, industrial look whether it’s used on brake rotors, exhaust system components, or other areas of the vehicle.


The three industries mentioned above are merely the most common areas that take advantage of STEEL-IT hard paint. STEEL-IT is often the right choice in any setting where ferrous metals – be they machinery, platforms, or parts – need to be protected from the destruction and high-cost of corrosion. And increasingly, our customers include those who want the look of steel and use STEEL-IT on certain plastics and wood.

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STEEL-IT tough paint for metal is weldable. It has also been shown to work great on most types of hard surfaces that are subject to sandblasting.

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