The #1 Toughest Paint for Metal Surfaces

STEEL-IT Tough Paint for MetalToughness means a paint remains undamaged under mechanical force and/or corrosive exposure. For industries that require an extremely tough protective paint for metal surfaces, the prize-winning brand of industrial paints STEEL-IT® is the technologically superior choice. STEEL-IT® effectively blocks corrosion and abrasion, lasting 10+ years in most environments. Some products have additional specialty strengths. Use our paint selector to determine the best product for your requirements, and then locate a distributor in your area. You can also request for a free sample or query us via the contact form on this page.

STEEL-IT® it is so tough because of our proprietary toughening agent, lab-engineered by our expert chemists with our unique 316L stainless steel micro-flake paste. The product inherits the resistant strengths of high-grade stainless steel. Once it dries on application, STEEL-IT® is 50% 316L stainless steel (by weight). Most STEEL-IT® paints for metal fall into two types, with somewhat different demand profiles and benefits:

Different STEEL-IT® paints perform somewhat differently in response to various chemicals, temperature challenges and UV radiation. So, explore the relevant site pages, select the right coating; request a free sample; find your local STEEL-IT® distributor; or contact us for advice right now!

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