The #1 Hard Paint for Metal Surfaces

Metal parts hard-coated with STEEL-ITTechnically, the hardness of a paint is a measure of its resistance to permanent indentation, scratching, cutting, piercing, and other mechanical defacement. More generally, a paint’s hardness is defined as its ability to resist any type of visible or functional damage, including impact, abrasion, and chemical corrosion. The STEEL-IT® hard paints for metal, generously reinforced with our extra-hard, proprietary 316L stainless steel micro-flake, are justly valued as the hardest paints on the market for the majority industrial applications. Use our paint selector to find the right product; request for a free sample; locate a distributor in your area; or message us via the contact form for more info.

Oil-based, STEEL-IT® hard paint derives its properties from the robust 316L stainless steel alloy with which it is amply enriched. Our competitors have been trying and failing for decades to replicate the success of STEEL-IT®’s hardening agent. This has proven “too hard” for them. Once properly applied and dried, STEEL-IT® is 50% 316L stainless steel by weight! STEEL-IT® is the perfect choice of the hardest paint for metal on the industrial market, extending the service longevity, cutting the maintenance costs, and enhancing the functional performance of your business-critical equipment and/or of other metal-based properties. It puts a shield of armor on metal, extending its useful life and preventing mechanical and chemical damage.

STEEL-IT on metalUsed worldwide since 1974 on equipment, machinery, auto parts, and architectural steel designs, STEEL-IT® paints fall into two types – epoxy and polyurethane – with somewhat different functional profiles and benefits. The paints perform with some variations in response to a wide range of chemicals and environments, as well as to temperature challenges and UV radiation. For some applications it makes little difference which product to choose, but in many cases the difference can be significant. Explore the relevant site pages, select the right coating; ask us for a free sample; find your local STEEL-IT® distributor; or contact us for advice right now!

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