#1 Protective Paint for Machinery and Equipment

STEEL-IT Protective Paint on Machinery and Parts.STEEL-IT® top performance paint for machinery and equipment blocks wear, abrasion, rust, corrosion, and UV. It prolongs the service life of metal (and plastic) structures and parts. A STEEL-IT finish lasts years in brutally challenging settings – and 10+ years in most conditions, in any climate. Choose the right paint first, and then locate a distributor. If in doubt, request a free sample, or ask us technical questions via the contact form.

STEEL-IT achieves the highest durability and corrosion resistance thanks to being manufactured with a 316L stainless-steel reinforcing agent. Once a freshly applied coat of STEEL-IT has fully dried, it is no less than 50% high-grade stainless steel by weight. This explains the paint’s seemingly “magical” protective robustness. Originally designed for use on metal, it works just as well on plastic and other nonporous, sandblast-amenable surfaces. Available in three different beautiful, sober colors (two shades of gray, one of black), STEEL-IT exhibits a professional, trust-inspiring look and feel. Most of our coatings are polyurethane and epoxy paint systems. Nontoxic and USDA-approved for accidental contact with food, STEEL-IT withstands scrubbing and high pressure washdowns. To see (and feel) for yourself what our coatings can do for your machine inventory and parts, ask us for a free sample today!

Examples of machine inventory coated with STEEL-ITNB: Our proprietary formulations set the STEEL-IT machinery paints head and shoulders above our competition. (The stainless-steel micro-flake agent is extremely tricky to manufacture; all attempts at reverse-engineering it have failed 100%.)

Boost Machine Life with Anticorrosive, Abrasion-Proof STEEL-IT

STEEL-IT protects machines and parts against various types of corrosionSTEEL-IT works by imposing a supremely tough barrier of corrosion-repellant, high-grade stainless steel over the structural material, shielding it against detrimental environments. STEEL-IT stout protective coatings serve to prevent mechanical wear, damage, and tarnish, as well as various forms of corrosion that occur when metallic or plastic-based machine inventory is exposed to moisture, wind, atmospheric heat, UV, salts (whether dry and in solutions), various types of chemical agents (acids, bases, fertilizers, detergents, etc.) and/or organic matter (fatty acids, organic rot, mold, manure, urine, etc.). Unprotected equipment can be highly subject to corrosion and rusting.

STEEL-IT is sprayed over a sandblasted surface just like regular paint. Using a roller or a brush is recommended for tight spaces. When applying STEEL-IT, special care must be taken to assure full compliance with application instructions and total coverage of the target surfaces. Even a minor chink in the STEEL-IT “protective armor” can prove an “Achilles’ heel,” causing corrosive damage to spread from behind the coating, even when the external finish remains seemingly unaffected for a while. Luckily, this problem is easy to avoid with STEEL-IT, due to ease of application.

Academically, there is a difference between “machinery” and “equipment”: the former means machines operating together to perform a single task, or more loosely, any combination of machines, while the latter includes tools of varying degrees of sophistication, each with a function of its own. But in common parlance the terms “machinery” and “equipment” are often used interchangeably, and here we make no significant distinction between them either. Whether you call your inventory equipment or machinery, STEEL-IT doesn’t care: it adheres, protects, and endures just the same!

P.S. Did we mention STEEL-IT is a weldable paint? It is, check it out!

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