Your Best Alternative to Powder Coating for Metal

STEEL-IT® Stainless Steel Coating: Superior Performance

STEEL-IT Alternative to Powder Coating

STEEL-IT® Coating on Metal

STEEL-IT® stainless steel based industrial coating – a top alternative to powder coating – is tougher, lasts longer, and offers superior protection against corrosion and abrasion. Shop STEEL-IT paint products now! Or, if in doubt, get a free sample (in the US only); or request more information via the contact form.

STEEL-IT vs. Powder Coating: Which to Choose?

Powder coating has its well-known advantages. Unlike liquid paint, it is sprayed on as dry powder (though modern methods vary) and is then heat-cured to form a protective finish that is tougher than common solvent-based paint. These coatings come in vivid colors and look great on appliances, car and bike parts, etc. They are have a low environmental impact.

But wherever a long-lasting, hard and durable, protective coating is necessary – STEEL-IT®, with its smooth, matte, industrial look and limited color choices – is the more powerful option. Oil based and richly fortified with our proprietary 316L stainless steel micro-flake, STEEL-IT® polyurethane and epoxy paints for metal and non-metallic sandblast-friendly materials – is 50% stainless steel on drying. STEEL-IT® is the champion among resistant coatings, typically enduring 10+ years. Moreover, some of our coatings are weldable. Out of concern for the environment, we have created our high-solids epoxy paint (VOC levels below all current regulated thresholds).

STEEL-IT® prolongs the service life of materials and enhances their functional properties. Explore STEEL-IT paint products now! You may also get a free sample (in the US only) or query us via the contact form.

What Our Customers Say on the Subject

Watch Rob Daman use “this Powder coat substitute STEEL-IT” on his Toyota Tacoma fuel tank skid plate.

Jeff Proctor, Principal of Team Honda Ridgeline, explains: “It is common for teams to powder coat their chassis; however, powder coating can hide micro cracks at key points in the chassis, stress fractures may go undiscovered an cause a failure or serious injury. Additionally, if we have to make a field repair, our team would have to remove the powder coating first. With STEEL-IT our team can make field repairs easily since we can see the cracks through the STEEL-IT coating and then weld directly over the coating. STEEL-IT also makes it easy to touch up and front arms and areas of the chassis that might get sandblasted or rock-chipped during a race. STEEL-IT ensures that we fulfill our responsibility to properly represent American Honda.”

Says Giannina Zapattini, Project Manager, Studio 804 Center for Design Research Project: "Our decision to use STEEL-IT came after a long period of consideration and experimentation with many steel treatments and products such as galvanization, powder coating, marine coatings, wax treatments, oil finishes, Permalac, Smart Coat, Rust-Oleum, and Sherwin Williams’ Diamond Clad. With the exception of the STEEL-IT Epoxy System, none of these products were able to offer the combination of reliable interior/exterior protection, flexibility, ease of application, high solids (required for LEED), and a steel-like finish.”

Says Chase Laven, Manager and Co-Driver, Bevly Wilson Racing Team: “We used to powder coat parts and chassis. Without a doubt they look great initially, but once out in the desert, they soon look abused and are very hard to maintain when repairs are needed. Coating parts with STEEL-IT, however, makes it easy to see cracks so we can quickly identify where repairs are needed and then use STEEL-IT’s handy aerosol for fast touchup. On top of that, STEEL-IT is less expensive than powder coating. We therefore strongly recommend using STEEL-IT instead of powder coating parts. STEEL-IT easily handles the abuse we put these trucks through each time we’re out on the racecourse.”