STEEL-IT Paint Is USDA Approved for Incidental Contact in Food Processing

STEEL-IT Paint Is USDA Approved for Incidental Contact in Food Processing

The USDA is the agency responsible for setting guidelines for paints and coating used in the food processing industry. These guidelines are intended to define what substances are safe to use in varying degrees of contact—whether direct or incidental—with food and food ingredients, and in what quantities.

STEEL-IT coatings have been approved for incidental contact with food constituents. Since 1974, STEEL-IT coatings have been protecting surfaces and equipment in the food processing and food manufacturing environments. Trusted by food processing facilities worldwide and by the USDA, STEEL-IT paint protects ferrous metal surfaces from corrosion while resisting high-pressure wash-downs and other punishing conditions at food processingsites. 

Requirements for USDA Approval for Incidental Contact

In order for a coating to be USDA approved for incidental contact, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Be free of the heavy metals antimony, arsenic, cadmium, chromium (except chromic oxide), lead, mercury, and selenium
  • Be free of materials such as carcinogens (as classified but the National Toxicology Program), and mutagens and teratogens (as classified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

These criteria must apply to the finished paint product, as well as to each separate component/ingredient present in the paint or coating once dry. Certain circumstances allow the presence of these substances as impurities (i.e. in pigments), in very small amounts such as would be regarded as toxicologically insignificant.

STEEL-IT coatings systems meet and exceed the standard set by the USDA for incidental contact in food processing, while also offering the utmost in corrosion resistance and durability in even the most punishing industrial environments. Contact our specialists today to discuss your specific needs and requirements.