Your Best Alternative to Stainless Steel is Steel-It® Paint

Most Benefits of Stainless Steel, without the High Price

Alternative to Stainless SteelAn indispensable alloy in industry, stainless steel is costly and not without other problems. Luckily, Steel-It® coatings offer “stainless steel in a can,”letting you easily convert any metallic surface to a stainless steel finish. They look like and provide all of the long-lasting benefits of industrial stainless steel, at low cost. Please contact us via the Web form on the right to address your needs. We will promptly let you know which Steel-It paint product fits best – or advise you about alternatives.

Desirable for its exceptional durability, corrosion, heat and wear resistance, and its weldability, stainless steel remains an expensive option due to high manufacturing costs. Moreover, most stainless steel grades, with the exception of the 316 steel alloys, are not really stainless. Indeed, these cheaper, less enduring options (e.g. the 304 stainless steels) are subject to various forms of corrosion and have in stressful situations often caused industrial failure. Last but not least, there are often specific reasons to choose another metal or alloy in lieu of stainless steel, such as its weight or mechanical properties. Steel-It can easily compensate for that metal’s inherent performance deficiencies compared to stainless steel.

Steel-It® coatings overcome most of the limitations of stainless steel for most industrial purposes. They are engineered to form an exceptionally tough, virtually non-corrodible protective layer of nanoscopic 316L steel scales that hold on fast to almost all metals and alloys as well to certain other applicable surfaces (including some plastics). 316 L stainless steel is the world standard for corrosion prevention, and Steel-It paint boasts the very same protective properties, protecting equipment and structures from the destructive effects of corrosion, erosion, chemical reactions, hear, wear, and abrasion. Besides, Steel-It paints are so safe that they are officially approved for incidental food contact in the US. (Additionally, some of our products meet the most rigorous environmental requirements and VOC standards.)

In most industrial contexts, there are simply no technical reasons to prefer actual stainless steel to a cheaper, lighter metal coated with Steel-It. Indeed, in most cases, using Steel-It on another metal is the preferable alternative. It costs a small fraction of the cost of solid stainless steel. Our coatings allow you to combine the desired properties of your metal of choice with the advantages of the highest-grade stainless steels. (For example, Steel-It can not only shield an aluminum surface against corrosion and wear but also greatly increases its joinability, making it easy to weld things to the coated surface).

Here at Stainless Steel Coatings Inc., we are motivated by our love of stainless steel and are dedicated to innovative research and engineering in stainless steel paints and finishes. Our focus is unique among industrial coatings manufacturers. The vast majority of other so-called “stainless steel coatings” on the market are of two kinds: decorative (such as the “liquid stainless steel” variety, lacking robustness and resilience of a true stainless steel finish), or weak (best suited for domestic or short-term rust-prevention).Although a few manufacturers of stainless steel paint claim “industrial strength,” none have been able to replicate our proprietary formulas and technology, or to produce a steel coating that performs as well as or better than Steel-In in objective controlled tests.

Please use the contact form to write to us now: find out how Steel-It® can easily fill your business need for stainless steel, saving you a great deal of money. We have been the go-to stainless steel solution for numerous companies globally since 1974.