Champion of Durable Paints: STEEL-IT® Product Durability FAQ

How Can I Transform Any Surface into 316L Stainless Steel?

Durable PaintWith ease, STEEL-IT® durable paint converts any metallic or other hard, nonporous surface into an elite, virtually permanent, 316L stainless steel finish with extremely high anticorrosive, antirust, wear- and abrasion-resistant properties. Please inquire today via our contact form with any questions, or for a quote. Get a free sample; select your paint; locate a distributor; or message us for information.

Our high temperature formulations are additionally resistant to heat. One of our products offers the full benefits of STEEL-IT® in a formulation which is approved as environmentally safe (a highly durable ecological paint). All our paints are food-safe and approved for incidental food contact.

Truly, What Is a Durable Paint?

When it comes to paint, there’s durability and then there is Durability. STEEL-IT® coatings define durable paint at the high end. Please use the form on the right to find out how STEEL-IT® will fulfill your requirement for a heavy-duty, durable industrial paint, exceeding expectations!

First designed in the early 1970s for metallic surfaces, the current generation of STEEL-IT® paints works as well on nonporous wood and plastic. (Note that using STEEL-IT coatings on concrete is not recommended in spite of their durability, precisely because concrete is porous, preventing the coating from making a firm bond.)

Why Is STEEL-IT® Tougher Than Most Other “Durable Paints”?

The exceptional, “beyond heavy-duty” performance of STEEL-IT® coatings is due to the proven proprietary technology on which they are based. They are rich in a 316L steel leafing agent, which forms an armor of microscopic, partially overlapping, non-corrodible stainless steel micro-flakes over the protected surface.

How Durable is Durable?

Broadly, durability refers to the useful life of a paint, its resilience and resistance under various forms for stress. STEEL-IT® is durable due to its proprietary hardening and corrosion-blocking component. You could separate and damage these tiny protective stainless steel leaflets by shooting bullets at them or blowing them up with explosives (frankly, we at Stainless Steel Coatings Inc. haven’t tried that!), but apart form such extremes they are very hard to crack apart, both chemically and mechanically.

STEEL-IT® holds on undisturbed, uncorroded, unabraded and rust-free for years even in many chemically, atmospherically and mechanically challenging conditions. In normal or relatively benign conditions, the paint may last indefinitely. Your climate, your detergents, oils, hard wash-downs cause it no grief. And in especially harsh conditions, when and where the paint does yield at places, it is very easy to touch it up.

All that said, even STEEL-IT® is not eternal, indestructible or all-purpose. It is not fireproof. Different formulations of our paint coatings have different performance specifications and different chemical resistance profiles. To find out more about the details and limits of STEEL-IT®’s durability and performance, please get in touch.

What Other Typical Paint Problems Does SEEL-IT® Prevent?

In addition to the above, STEEL-IT® durable paint rules out a wide range of performance issues associated with less robust paints, such as various types of cracking, blistering, bubble formation, flaking, peeling, chalking (powder formation on the paint), fading, discoloration, color loss and other color and texture change (including tanning, yellowing, “burnishing,” “lapping,” “picture framing,” “roller marks,” “stipples” and other undesirable variations in color or texture), staining by alkali, wrinkling, poor leveling, and surfactant leaching.

Why Doesn’t STEEL-IT® Come in Many Colors?

Based on stainless steel, STEEL-IT®, unsurprisingly, offers a matte, smooth, low glare, steely, gray finish. Why not make it available in various colors, or make a shiny variety? For reasons of durability.

As Dr. W. M. Darsey noted in an important early study into paint durability titled “Effect of Corrosion on the Durability of Paint Films” (Journal of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry, 1938, 30 (10), pp. 1147–1152): “One of the oldest recognized factors in the painting of metal products and structures is the effect of corrosion on the durability of the paint film. It is obvious that many other factors, such as the composition and preparation of the base metal, the adherence and composition of the paint coating, as well as the conditions under which it was applied, influence the durability or serviceability of the paint film. So pronounced is the tendency of iron to rust, that in practice very little bare iron or steel is employed, and nearly all such objects are painted either for protective or decorative purposes.”

STEEL-IT® serves chiefly a protective, not a decorative purpose. Over the years, we have resisted the temptation to make that may be more aesthetically attractive but compromise durability. The truth about pretty paints is that they are generally not considered heavy-duty in contexts where industrial-strength protection is required.

What To Do Now?

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