The Championship Off-Road series went big at Crandon International Raceway. In typical Crandon style, the Labor Day weekend event attracted the biggest crowds and the most racers seen in a long time, with an estimated 50K+ attendees. With the most remarkable starting gate in off-road racing, the STEEL-IT® Starting Line stands firm as an iconic symbol of the landmark race track.

To capture the historic importance of this 52-year long event is hard to do. Simply put, it is nothing less than the world's best off-road short course racers giving it their all at this most prestigious race. 

STEEL-IT activated its partnership with the renowned venue several years ago. This new starting line feature will cement a long-lasting legacy long into the future. The sizable twelve-inch steel tube posts at 30FT tall were protected with STEEL-IT Alkyd Precoat followed by STEEL-IT's 1002 signature Steel Gray Polyurethane Topcoat to keep the signage corrosion-free and looking fresh even during Wisconsin's harsh winters. Holding a well-presented starting line sign that stretches 70FT wide by 8FT tall, the STEEL-IT Starting Line features the prominent STEEL-IT logo and a bright, illuminated star that turn green to signal the start of the world's biggest race.

STEEL-IT Starting Line, Crandon Off Road, Crandon International Raceway, Structural Coatings, Polyurethane

Beyond the race start and staging area, STEEL-IT is well positioned around the race track.

STEEL-IT Coatings, Crandon International Raceway, Off Road Racing, Motorsports, Water Truck

The primary goal is to connect with fans and inform potential consumers of  STEEL-IT Brand Coatings real-world benefits. Getting the facts about STEEL-IT's extraordinary performance starts with the ground team educating attendees. Teamed up with the 2019 Pro Lite World Champion, #94 Christopher Polvoorde and Polvoorde Racing, STEEL-IT runs a giveaway during each day of the event offering participants the chance to win a case of of twelve, polyurethane aerosol cans. In addition to the giveaway, Christopher autographed his personalized posters and posed with thousands of fans for souvenir photographs. This effort all began at the Crandon Parade and went on to cover the entire weekend. 

STEEL-IT, Christopher Polvoorde, Crandon Off Road, Polyurethane Coating, Off Road Racing, Bink Designs

STEEL-IT, Christopher Polvoorde, Crandon Off Road, Polyurethane Coating, Off Road Racing, Bink Designs

Racers like Christopher Polvoorde know and understand the value of STEEL-IT Polyurethane that sprays a heavy coat of custom-engineered 316L stainless steel micro flakes. STEEL-IT weldable coatings are also highly used by other phenomenal top off-road racers, including esteemed Ryan Beat and the hard-hitting Fun-Haver Off-Road Team of Loren Healy & Vaughn Gittin Jr.

STEEL-IT, Christopher Polvoorde, Crandon Off Road, Polyurethane Coating, Off Road Racing, Bink Designs

Race results for the weekend were quite shaken up as it was very continuous. Loren Healy won Ultra4 Crandon Classic (4400 Ultra4 Points Race Round) and backed it up with a Crandon Ultra4 World Championship. Vaughn Gittin Jr took 2nd Place in his 4400 Ultra4 Ford Bronco. Christopher Polvoorde scored a wild 2nd Place Pro-Lite finish in the Crandon World Championship. And Ryan Beat earned a well-deserved 3rd Place Pro 2 Crandon World Cup (Pro 2 VS Pro 4 Race). 

STEEL-IT, Loren Healy, Vaughn Gittin Jr, Crandon International Raceway, Ultra4 Racing, Rock Crawler, Crandon Off Road

STEEL-IT, Christopher Polvoorde, Ryan Beat, Crandon World Cup, Crandon World Championship, Racing, Motorsports, Bink Designs, Auto Paint

From the racer's perspective, STEEL-IT weldable Polyurethane aerosol coating is one of the most valuable tools in the toolbox. Crandon Ultra4 World Champion Loren Healy explained that "The Fun-Haver Off-Road Team uses STEEL-IT on everything from the chassis to suspension components! There are so many benefits over raw or powder-coated metal, and it looks incredible too! We look forward to racing Crandon every year, nothing beats the atmosphere and fans on the baddest short course track in the country!" 

STEEL-IT invites auto enthusiasts, D-I-Ys and anyone else looking to protect their investment to request a 4.5 ounce trial size of STEEL-IT's innovative "Anti-Rust Stainless Steel In A Can®" available in original Steel Gray or Black.