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STEEL-IT® Brand Coatings, made in the USA and trusted worldwide since 1974, are a premium line of anticorrosion coatings that deliver extraordinary value to the customer. The line includes an innovative and weldable polyurethane coatings as well as epoxy coatings, all engineered to withstand some of the world’s most aggressive conditions while simultaneously being easy-to-apply and easy-to-maintain. All STEEL-IT coatings distinguish themselves by incorporating proprietary 316L stainless steel micro flakes. When STEEL-IT coatings are applied – by spray, brush, or roller – these flakes align and pack densely to form a barrier shield of pure stainless steel that’s nearly impervious to moisture, salt, and other sources of corrosion.

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The STEEL-IT line protects structural steel, machinery, cars, trucks, and so much more from the costly effects of corrosion. Proven in diverse environments across a multitude of industries, STEEL-IT has become the go-to coating on job sites, shipyards, factories, auto shops, launch pads, and as part of countless Do-It-Yourself projects.

Known for decades as the preferred coating in the Food Packaging and Processing Industry, and in recent years, having established a powerful fan base in Automotive, Motorsports, and Powersports markets, STEEL-IT is becoming the coating of choice in Architecture and Construction as word spreads of its superior performance and labor-saving benefits.

The new website presents a fresh look at what this extraordinary line of coatings has to offer. Designed and orchestrated by San Diego-based, digital media marketing company Bink Designs, this updated take on STEEL-IT coatings makes it easy to find critical information about the products including Application Guides, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Product Profiles, and FAQ. Moreover, the site’s improved Distributor locator is a fast way to find a nearby reseller of STEEL-IT simply by entering a ZIP code. For those without a nearby Distributor or who prefer to make a quick purchase, the new site offers a customized and secure shopping cart that allows users to buy STEEL-IT coatings.

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The new site maintains the Get In Touch Quickly web-form to easily reach the Makers of STEEL-IT with questions regarding proper application, the suitability of STEEL-IT in a given application, product availability, and a host of other topics. The popular Request a Free Sample web-form also maintains its prominent location on the site. The Makers of STEEL-IT believe that the many benefits of using its coatings are something that need to be experienced firsthand to be appreciated and are therefore happy to let those who are new to the product try it risk free.