STEEL-IT® Brand Coatings is proud to be an official partner of Honda Off-Road Factory Racing. Proven to provide extraordinary protection against corrosion, STEEL-IT is a distinguished and innovative product known for its weldable polyurethane stainless steel coating and used by professionals like Jeff Proctor - Team Principal for the factory Honda Off-Road Racing program. 

Here at Honda Off-Road Factory Racing, we use STEEL-IT. In Off-Road Racing, we absolutely destroy all of our race vehicles. It is important for us to uphold a factory image for our sponsors and partners, especially for American Honda. We rely on STEEL-IT to keep all of our race vehicles in tip-top shape. One of my favorite things about STEEL-IT is that after every race when we come back to the shop, we can easily touch up all of the bumpers, the chassis, the arms, anything on our vehicles, and make them look new again. The best part is we can weld over it without having to remove or grind away the finish. The aerosol cans allow us to quickly and efficiently touch up any area of the chassis and our cars are looking brand new before we get to the next race. Wherever we are racing, in Baja or the U.S., we trust STEEL-IT to minimize rust and protect all bare steel parts. It keeps our race vehicles looking factory fresh.” Jeff J. Proctor – Team Principal 

STEEL-IT Coatings, Honda Off-Road, Polyurethane, Automotive, Motorsports, Racing

STEEL-IT Coatings, Honda Off-Road, Polyurethane, Automotive, Motorsports, Racing, Honda Talon, UTV

The STEEL-IT proprietary Polyurethane Aerosol features 316L stainless steel micro flakes and is designed to be anti-corrosive and weldable. Available by the quart, gallon or handy aerosol in Steel Gray 1002 and Black 1012. STEEL-IT is an essential item in any shop to protect small parts like suspensions, brake calipers, wheels and also full tube chassis and frames all while making them look fantastic!

STEEL-IT Coatings, Polyurethane, Wheel Coating, DIY

Use STEEL-IT anywhere you have metal that may rust and touch up is a breeze. Protect your investment while maintaining weldability, no need to grind off the coating when repairs or add-ons are needed. This innovative product saves time and money by reducing countless hours of labor.