FURY Race Cars LLC, the winningest race car manufacturer in North America, has selected STEEL-IT Brand Coatings to be its Official Coatings Supplier. Powerhouses in their respective industries, FURY and STEEL-IT have partnered to provide the market with what each does best: Premium, winning automotive design and performance with mission-critical components protected by STEEL-IT’s unique, chemically-engineered, polyurethane coating. The coating is loaded with microscopic, high-grade 316L stainless steel flake that forms a practically impervious barrier against the destructive effects of corrosion and the battering these parts are subjected to in extreme environments.

STEEL-IT Coatings, Polyurethane Coating, Fury Race Cars, Auto Racing, Nascar, Motorsports

FURY Race Cars, based in Mooresville, North Carolina, designs and builds race cars for competition in NASCAR, ARCA, Pro All-Star Series, SCCA, CARS Tour, SRL Southwest Tour, Southern Super Series, and numerous other series around the world.

Since incorporating in 2016, FURY has proven itself with 31 championships and well over 350 race wins. In 2019 alone, FURY racked up 101 victories. Building, preparing, and maintaining advanced race cars is a demanding challenge. Real-world competition requires that every decision about a race car means the difference between being rewarded on the podium and being forgotten. FURY is the best in the business and recognizes superior products like STEEL-IT Coatings can be a game changer both in the shop and at the racetrack. 

FURY owner Darius Grala said of the partnership with STEEL-IT, We have been using STEEL-IT for just over a year now, and the way STEEL-IT holds up to the wear and tear these race cars suffer is amazing. STEEL-IT is much stronger than paint and easier to maintain than powder coat. Not to mention, only STEEL-IT Polyurethane allows us to weld tabs or make repairs without having to remove the coating beforehand. Were looking forward to this partnership and introducing our customers to what STEEL-IT is all about.”

STEEL-IT Coatings, Polyurethane Coating, Fury Race Cars, Auto Racing, Nascar, Motorsports

For the makers of STEEL-IT, identifying key partners like FURY allows it to successfully introduce their line of coating products into new markets. Supplying FURYs parts department and full-service repair shop with advanced coatings products like STEEL-IT Polyurethane makes maintenance and crash repair that much easier. Additionally, FURY helps STEEL-IT tap into a network of authorized parts dealers and repair facilities to help keep North America race-ready. 

“When Darius approached us about using STEEL-IT on FURY’s race cars, we were thrilled and, frankly, humbled.” Michael Faigen, owner of the makers of STEEL-IT, continued, “Such recognition from one of the sport’s key players practically knocked me off my feet! Once we started talking specifics, it was obvious to both of us the tremendous advantages our companies could offer each other. It was obvious that we should be working together.”

Circle track and road racing is extremely popular across the United States. From extreme racing environments on the dirt ovals of the South to wet and harsh track conditions in the Pacific Northwest, STEEL-IT Brand Coatings protect against corrosive elements. STEEL-IT products provide superior performance, are easy to use, and protect components from rusting. The added benefit and ability to weld directly through the STEEL-IT Polyurethane coating provides an additional time and money-saving advantage.